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If you're searching for the top screen printing company in Manchester, you've arrived at the perfect destination. At TPM (T-shirt Printing Manchester), we cater to all your clothing printing needs, whether it's screen printing on T-shirts or high-quality hoodies. We're proud to offer a wide range of services, including screen printing and embroidery, to bring your designs to life.

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So, why should you choose TPM over other screen printers in Manchester? While you'll undoubtedly receive exceptional custom printing and t-shirt printing for every order, here are some additional compelling reasons to opt for our printing services:

Screen printing inks in Manchester

Speedy Turnaround

Although screen printing usually takes a while to setup, the team at TPM are wizards at what they do and we have managed to turnaround screen printing orders overnight.

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Attention to detail

Screen printing can often produce swirl marks or general ink distortion. At TPM we discard of any pieces that don't pass our quality checks, and we are VERY particular.

Screen Printing Manchester

UK Covered

Although our Unit is located in Manchester, we offer delivery across the UK, even if it means a 24 hour turnaround across the country, we can make it happen!

FAQ | Screen Printing Technology

Q: What is screen printing? 
A: The basic process of screen printing involves creating a stencil on a mesh screen and then pushing the ink to create and imprint the design on the below surface. The most common surface used in screen printing is paper and fabric, but metal, wood, and plastic can also be used.

Q: How long do screen printed t shirts last? 
A: It all depends on how you look after the clothing piece however it does usually outlast the t shirt itself so you have nothing to worry about in terms of longevity. For hoodies and other clothing pieces the same applies.

Q: Do i need a minimum quantity order? 
A: The most effective way of screen printing t-shirts is in large quantities and this is when you will take the biggest advantage of a better price. We offer a minimum of 10 pieces to accommodate to all walks of life, similiar to our embroidery service

Screen printing history


Screenprinting is a press process of printing, using screen print technology. Printing uses a mesh material stretched across a frame to support an ink-blocking stencil and print designs. The method screen printing involves the print stencil design, made from a thin, perforated material such as silk or synthetic fibre, which allows screen prints ink to pass through the holes in the stencil to the underlying writing surface, but not be blocked by the cloth of the screen printer. This is the perfect printing method for t-shirt printing. 


The printing technique was invented in the ninth century AD in Baghdad, Iraq, by Abu'l Qasim[1] (in Arabic القاسم) al-Wasiti (in Arabic الوسيتي).[2][3] The print process was originally called "sindjigraphy" (from the Greek words for "stencil" and "writing").[4] The British were the first users of this printing technology, as they had captured Egypt before the printing process was developed in Baghdad and were able to learn the process.[5]


The process of stenciling, aligning, blocking and exposing the screens then rinsing and drying is known as ‘setup’. Once setup has been carried out it can be reused multiple times for different printing until the stencil becomes damaged or no longer works correctly. This means t-shirt screen printing is affordable and durable. 

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